Kaitlin LaMoine Martin.

As a Michigan native, I've developed a keen sense of beauty from the land around me. The autumn leaves, the spring crocuses, Lake Michigan, the abundance of green--all have instructed me in my artistic endeavors. 
A poet by training, I capture images the way I sculpt poems -- by subtracting unnecessary elements so the polished moment is revealed in greater complexity and depth. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, having a poet choose which words are integral to the picture will work in your favor. 

I typically use minimal photoshopping technology. I prefer my subjects to look realistic rather than plastic. However, I'm not opposed to minimizing a wrinkle or giving teeth an extra shine.
I've been taking artistic photographs for ten years. People and animals are my favorite subjects, and connecting with the subject is my highest priority.

I am available for any type of portraiture or event photography.