Hello Freshies!

I've taken photos of puppies (all dogs are puppies to me) since my parents brought Piper into the family over 11 years ago. Texas landed me with a litter of pups which amped up the delight. I even started a facebook page at the time dedicated to the "Valley Puppies." It's still there, though I never post on it anymore. As with all passions, my pet photography unfolded with a story.

It all started with Piper. Photogenic Piper is an angel with halitosis. She is especially fond of the snow.

Piper with her cousin Oakley in the background.

This is Sessi. She was not the nicest pup. She killed at least two chihuahuas in her life, but was always sweet to me. This photo was taken late 2009. She died a few months later. This is one of my favorite dog portraits; I find the overexposure striking. This photo made me realize I wanted to continue shooting portraits of animals.

This is Dulce. She is a hyper little bean who lives in Santa Fe. She spent the whole afternoon running around the yard like a maniac. This is the only photo I managed to snap of her that was in focus. 

This little demon darling is Lila Marie. 

This is Lila all grown up. Up to the same shenanigans.

Here is Liley with her wonderful mama, Rachel.

This is Barrett, or Bear Bear, Lila's brother.

Wait, who is that crazy Fraggle on the left?

Why that's FRIDA!! Frida came into the picture with a very infected paw. She had a long road to recovery, which involved many of her digits being amputated. Her unibrow is not the only reason her name is perfect. She was a trooper throughout every stage in her healing.

Frida and Brother-Husband Barrett got into all kinds of trouble together. 

Lila helped. 

All kinds.

Presenting: Adam Lee Wags II, Little Bear, Cruella, Peggy Sue, Cansancia Jones, Tenacious D, Sherry Dog, & Michael Jackson. (Face-plant puppy on the left is Cruella)

Adam Lee Wags II, named after my sister's boyfriend at the time--now husband! (See photos here). Adam 2.0 ended up staying with me. See more below. 

Little Bear, now Taco, lives in Florida.

Cruella, now Ella, lives in Michigan.

Peggy Sue also lives in Michigan.

Cansancia CJ Jones lives in the Rio Grande Valley.


Tenacious D, now Monkey, also lives in the RGV.

Sherry Dog, now SherBear, lives in Michigan.
Michael Jackson lives in California.

After the puppies, four seemed manageable. Sometimes.

The puppies continued to fuel my love of pet portraits. This photo of Sherry was taken when I helped to arranged a play-date reunion between Sherry and Peggy Sue.

A few other pups: Here is Bella and Joannie. This is another of my favorite portraits ever.

Athena (Atty)

Zsa Zsa


My babies, Frida and Adam, continue to be my ongoing inspiration and favorite pups to photograph. Their personalities connect directly with the camera lens.

And of course, there is always Piper. 

Thanks for reading!

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Stay Fresh!!