Radical 80's Rewind Party for Parent to Parent of SW Michigan

Do you have a child with a disability? Do you feel overwhelmed with their unique needs? Are you unsure of the resources, laws, or support systems in place to assist you? There are other parents you can turn to.

According to their website:

"Parent to Parent of Southwest Michigan is a non-profit community organization offering services at no cost to families who have children with disabilities or special needs. Founded in 1998, Parent to Parent serves families in 9 counties and collaborates with other organizations. Since our inception, we have assisted over 1200 families through mentor support, referrals, information, recreation opportunities, a bi-monthly newsletter, parent network meetings and informal social events."

You can learn more in their recent clip on News 3.

I first came into contact with P2P, last year, when my friend Alisha Krcatovich asked me to take photos at their All Kids Can Dance event. Alisha served on the P2P board for 4 years.

My dad, George Martin, has been an advocate for people with developmental disabilities, both at a state and local level, for over forty years. It is a cause very near and dear to my heart. 

Since last year was an such a blast, I decided to hop back to the 80's this year and party with the adults.

I hope you enjoy the timewarp!

Jill Angell, Executive Director of P2P, rockin' out.

Sometimes the photographer has to take a break to jam a little.
Jill got slimed!

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