Where did Freshwater go?

Basically. I changed my mind. Artistic license allows this. :)

Facebook has probably alerted you to the fact that I changed the name of my photography business. For those that have been following along, I split my brand a few months back in an attempt to find mental clarity between "commercial" work and "artistic" projects. It didn't help. It made things worse.

I want to own all parts of my art equally & I can't do that in separation. So I decided to fold it all under the name Kaitlin LaMoine Photography. Freshwater has been good to me. I love the name and the brand has served me well. It allowed me to find my voice with some level of anonymity. I don't need that anymore. Nor do I want it.

The work I've been engaged in related to the #BlackLivesMatter movement has allowed me to explore, appreciate, and utilize my art in ways I haven't before. I'm proud of that and don't want to separate the different elements of my art that make me who I am.

Freshwater was my baby. It was something I crafted with my own hands, time, and talent. I'm proud of what it became. And I'm also excited for what it's evolving into. I hope you'll continue on the journey with me.